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Invisible - Raw 472

Posted By: KRaSH

Invisible - Raw 472 - 11/12/02 02:42 AM

Recently I found out the 472 - Unknown mode is never shown up... Therefore we can't tell if we've got lag or simply the mode selected for the channel doesn't exist.

Certainly it can be solved through scripting but my guess is the user should see unknown modes even if they don't use a script since mIRC can be used without one.
Posted By: vasil_michev

Re: Invisible - Raw 472 - 11/12/02 05:16 PM

I believe the reason for that is the channel central dialog having "Invites" button and the fact that not all networks support chanmode +I
Posted By: veritas

Re: Invisible - Raw 472 - 24/11/03 04:47 PM

I get the same raw notice, and I'm on a CR server that supports mode +i.

Ladies and Gentlemen... I think we have a bug here wink
Posted By: katsklaw

Re: Invisible - Raw 472 - 28/11/03 04:10 PM

Status window:
* Debug output on (@debug)
x is unknown mode char to me

-> hotspeed.sg.as.dal.net MODE #new2mIRC +x
<- :hotspeed.sg.as.dal.net 472 katsklaw x :is unknown mode char to me

mIRC v6.12, this tells me that it's either the IRCd not sending RAW 472 or it's been fixed.
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