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Scrollbar bug

Posted By: MTec89

Scrollbar bug - 07/01/04 07:57 PM


i have solved the scrollbar bug. if you do not maximise the window the the bug is avoided (my mirc is not maximised, and the channels are tiled)
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Scrollbar bug - 07/01/04 08:48 PM

actually, the scroll bar bug is inside of the chat windows or query windows when u have a large buffer, to show this set your buffer around 4196 let it fill up reasonably, then scroll with your wheel inside the window, it wont scroll correctly. move your mouse into the input line on the same window, then scroll with your wheel, works fine, then take your cursor and drag the scrollbar for that window all the way up and all the way down a couple times, after that your ability to scroll in that window should be normal. thats all the points iv noticed tho.
Posted By: MTec89

Re: Scrollbar bug - 07/01/04 10:45 PM

not maximsing the windows stops the bug, i have large bbuffers
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Scrollbar bug - 08/01/04 02:07 AM

no not maximizing only hides the fact there is a bug, it doesnt fix it, because it shouldnt be there in the first place.
Posted By: MTec89

Re: Scrollbar bug - 08/01/04 02:58 AM

but to avoid the bug untill a fix, dont maximise channels
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Scrollbar bug - 08/01/04 08:43 PM

avoid the bug also by not using mirc, what your suggesting is not a fix but a poor attempt at masking the internal codings of mirc which hve this same bug for as far back as i can test on. from atleast the first multi server mirc this has been an issue that has not been resolved.
Posted By: MTec89

Re: Scrollbar bug - 08/01/04 09:07 PM

well i found a fix, so i will use the fix. you do what you wish, not using mirc is your choice not mine
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Scrollbar bug - 09/01/04 12:12 AM

actually i havent been using mirc all that much lately, ive switched to klient, and really its alot less hassle and problems and has almost everything id have to script into mirc built right in, has no dcc bug that ive seen, but really thats neither here nor there, the simple fact is this bug has been present in mirc for SEVERAL releases, yet never gets resolved, just like alot of mirc issues, im not going to start a flame war about your very poor idea of how to solve a bug issue, thats like saying hey when i step on the gas in my car it stalls, so i solved it by walking to all my appointments, dont be so ignorant your solution only ignores the fact that there is infact a bug. khaled needs to fix it and know exactly what it affects which is why ive given my researched instances in here, im glad u dont maximize your mirc thats all fine and dandy for you, but not for all.
Posted By: neophyte

Re: Scrollbar bug - 09/01/04 06:09 AM

Or you could lower your buffer size!
Posted By: MTec89

Re: Scrollbar bug - 09/01/04 08:07 PM

its deafult.
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Scrollbar bug - 09/01/04 10:57 PM

your buffer size is set to 512 lines? thats not what u claimed earlier.
Posted By: MTec89

Re: Scrollbar bug - 10/01/04 12:32 AM

the buffer is 5000, like i said, default
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