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Posted By: naki

$isdir - 11/12/03 03:56 AM

$isdir has a bug in it that will have it return true if .'s are on the end of directories.


//say $isdir(c:\windows..)
Posted By: naki

Re: $isdir - 11/12/03 04:35 AM

yet again

so I did this

$isfile($+($mp3dir,Game\Final Fantasy\FFX-2\Disk 2\24 - Shitou.mp3..))

and it also returns true.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: $isdir - 11/12/03 11:52 PM

Have you tried putting one or more dots after a filename or directory? You can't.
If no characters follow these fullstops, it is presumed the file has no extension and the periods are removed/ignored.

Try this experiment:
/run c:\windows..\notepad.exe...

$isfile $isdir are handling this appropriately and should not be changed.

- Raccoon
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