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Posted By: Nekomusume fatal program interaction - 23/11/03 10:17 PM
i installed netlimiter the other day to keep bittorrent leashed, and discovered that whenever netlimiter is running, mIRC crashes with incredible frequency.

it's not really a bug per se. but i'd really like to be able to use both programs at once.

(needless to say i've sent a similar message to them about this)
Posted By: Cypris Re: fatal program interaction - 24/11/03 03:36 AM
Interesting. what happens when you open mirc, then the second program? try opening the programs in different order.
Posted By: Bilge Re: fatal program interaction - 24/11/03 02:42 PM
Which version do you use of each application?
Posted By: Bilge Re: fatal program interaction - 24/11/03 06:20 PM
I have just ran mIRC 6.12 and Netlimiter 1.25 for some hours without incident. I used it to cap the line usage of one program, not mIRC. If you really believe that Netlimiter is the cause of the problem, try selecting the instance of mIRC in Netlimiter and in the Info tab at the bottom, enable "Ignore all traffic" option.
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