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Long Filename Problems

Posted By: DarkSamuraiMastr

Long Filename Problems - 23/11/03 10:03 AM

Ugh, fopen, I now hate fopen. For some dumb reason or another(a reason I'll probably never understand, even with me having had the 16-bit mIRC way back when), mIRC will not read long filenames. I keep my copy of mIRC along with my script under My Documents, and when I use $mircdir, I get errors:

* fopen unable to create 'readme' (C:\MY)

Why can't mIRC handle folders with spaces yet? I'm gonna hate coding another variable into mIRC just to get the old DOS foldername...

Yes, I'm using mIRC 6.12.
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Long Filename Problems - 23/11/03 10:53 AM

Put double-quotes around the filename. eg. /fopen fhandle $+(", $mircdir, moo.txt, ").
Posted By: GodGell

Re: Long Filename Problems - 23/11/03 12:20 PM

hey man, if you use spaces in a command's parameter, in a language that separates parameters by spaces, then isn't it unanimity, that u should use "QUOTES FOR SPACES"? smile damn, sorry for bad english and bifidus esensided probiotic sentencial mistakes laugh
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: Long Filename Problems - 24/11/03 10:49 AM

or use $shortfn($mircdir)
Posted By: DarkSamuraiMastr

Re: Long Filename Problems - 24/11/03 10:33 PM

I used quotes, wound up with more errors, finally got ticked and wound up deleting $mircdir $+

I guess this works better, since now it goes straight from the working directory, and I use less code.
Posted By: oracel

Re: Long Filename Problems - 25/11/03 01:29 PM

I've been using /fopen and related commands extensively myself, and I have not run into any of the problems you describe. That implies that I use quoted filenames. I think this is a PEBKAC problem.
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