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Posted By: ScatMan

/debug - 22/11/03 04:15 PM

//debug @test | server -n | scon $scon(0) debug @test | window -c @test
type /debug in the first server window-it's off, type in the second-it's still at @test ....

Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: /debug - 22/11/03 05:35 PM

I can't see where the bug is...

Helpfile extracts that you might've missed causing you to think there's a bug here:

From /debug:
Note: /debug works independently for each server connection.

From /scon:
If you specify the command parameter, the connection id is set only for that command.
Posted By: ScatMan

Re: /debug - 22/11/03 06:28 PM

it has nothing to do with /scon

u can debug for two servers in one window
but when u close the window it /debug off only in the server window u opened the debug window there
Posted By: cold

Re: /debug - 26/11/03 08:14 AM

Yeah, it should be off as well, looks like a bug.
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