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Posted By: Adler

rclick - 25/09/03 10:29 AM

How i could use rclick on a listbox in dialogs?

on *:dialog:mp3p:rclick:30: dosent work :-(

Anybody could help me?
Posted By: cold

Re: rclick - 27/09/03 02:25 AM

mIRC itself doesn't support this, since mouse events aren't associated with a specific control. You'd need a DLL, but I can't remember any. Anyway, try searching at www.mircscripts.org
Posted By: Adler

Re: rclick - 27/09/03 12:58 PM

thank you

I havent any found :-(
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: rclick - 27/09/03 02:43 PM


Unless I'm mistaken, most of the dialog controls have a window handle, and all controls with a window handle capture mouse events (internally anyway). It should only be a matter of Khaled supporting these events. And those controls that dont have handles can have emulated mouse events by calculating the control's position against where the mouse was moved/clicked.

- Raccoon
Posted By: cold

Re: rclick - 27/09/03 02:58 PM

Yeah, I'm almost sure there are DLLs that already support this capturing, so I guess this is quite possible.
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