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Change of color?

Posted By: laz

Change of color? - 11/08/03 04:48 AM

Hey, we have a bot in a channel that spills out infomation on a gaming server I help run, most of the time the output the bot sends is pointless, but everynow and then we may need the infomation it sends.

You know when someone joins, the channel name doesn't go red, but green? I'd like to make it so its kinda the same with that bot. Its green if the bot says something, otherwise red.

Would any of you know how to do this? If not I'd like it to be a feature in the next version of mIRC smile

Posted By: lammkott

Re: Change of color? - 11/08/03 05:20 AM

If I'm understanding you correctly, you want the switchbar color to change whenever the bot says something? If that is the case.... yes it is possible.

Open the mIRC options, go to IRC > Highlight, enter the bot's nickname, then change the text in the combo box, below where it says "Match on:", to "Nickname only".

Doing this will change the color on the switchbar to whatever color you have for 'highlight' in the display settings (mIRC Options > Display) whenever an event is triggered by the bot.
Posted By: laz

Re: Change of color? - 11/08/03 06:24 AM

Thanks, that solves the color of the switchbar problem, but its for some reason making the name also the color of the swichbar .. And I'd like this to apply only to one channel (thought only a script would able to do this).
Posted By: cold

Re: Change of color? - 23/08/03 09:15 PM

Use /window -gN. Look at the help file.
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