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Posted By: demitrix adding extension - 18/06/03 11:04 PM
ok here goes im making a script for mIRC which will automatically create a cfg file that has alias/binds for HL to create demos well since im including the IP in the filename HL drops the .dem extension which i need to be added later in some way since variable have to have a space on both sides of them i cant just do %variable.dem
Posted By: KingTomato Re: adding extension - 19/06/03 03:38 AM
was that your question? That looked like you listing information, not a question..
Posted By: demitrix Re: adding extension - 19/06/03 04:08 AM
well turns out i figured out a kinda shitty way to do it
alias demo {
  %demostring = $replace(%servername %serverip %map %comment,$chr(32),_) .dem
  %demostring = $remove(%demostring,$chr(32))
  /write -l1 f:\sierra\half-life\cstrike\demo.cfg alias demo record %demostring
Posted By: theRat Re: adding extension - 19/06/03 02:29 PM
/help $+
Posted By: pheonix Re: adding extension - 19/06/03 02:32 PM
look at /help $+
because for example
var %i = 1
var %g = 2
//echo -a %i $+ %g echos 12
Posted By: KingTomato Re: adding extension - 19/06/03 06:57 PM
actually his way might be better, becasue any spaces the variables themselves have are also replaced. >:D
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