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mIRC version for WinNT/PPC

Posted By: crazycusti

mIRC version for WinNT/PPC - 26/07/20 11:18 AM


i had an old IBM 7248-100 computer with a 100MHz PowerPC CPU and Windows NT 4.0/PPC on it. The only IRC client which exist is 0irc v1232.

it would be nice, if i (or the devs) can compile a old version (e.g 3.92?) on this machine, so we had the best IRC software on a great piece of mid 90 hardware!

in the changelog i see, around ~2002 mIRC 6.01 is coded in Visual C++ .NET.
the only one version of visual c++ on powerpc is 4.0, so i assume (and hope) mIRC 3.x/4.x is coded in this version of visual c++

to my person: i'm not a good coder, i get many help from a good friend, with him i got apache 1.3x, putty, 0irc, a little game and soon(TM) winvnc to work. at the c3 congress (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_Communication_Congress) we present old machines to interressed peoples, so a good IRC client is a must.

ps: english is not my native language smile

Posted By: KindOne

Re: mIRC version for WinNT/PPC - 26/07/20 09:30 PM

Versions before 6.1 used Borland C/C++, which only supports 16/32-bit Windows, no ppc.

mIRC 2.1a - 6.03 = Borland C/C++
mIRC 6.1 - 6.35 = Visual C++ .NET 7.0
mIRC 7.0 - 7.61(current version) = Visual Studio 2008


Question: Will you be releasing the mIRC source code for public use at some point?
Answer: mIRC is the way I make a living, so it is not currently practical for me to release the source code.
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