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Where did it go?

Posted By: Angels2

Where did it go? - 21/09/18 05:32 PM

When Mirc or Christian Command first came out it use to be fun.

It use to be where you could right click on a buddy in a chat room and send them Popups like candy,flowers,faces,sound all kinds of colorful good images. Now nothing but "SLAP" someone with a large trout with no image. This one isn't nice at all.

Why No more?
Posted By: Loki12583

Re: Where did it go? - 21/09/18 08:12 PM

mIRC never had any more than slap and has nothing to do with any additional software that offers it.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Where did it go? - 21/09/18 08:14 PM

Dear Angels2,

You were using mIRC with some scripts installed. You will have to locate those scripts again, and install them again.

If, for some unfortunate reason, the scripts you were using came bundled together with mIRC, then I can certainly understand your confusion. This is why scripts should never come with mIRC bundled together, because people will assume it's a normal part of the program and never learn about locating and installing their favorite scripts later on.

Hope you find it again, or figure out how to write your own cute scripts like it!
Posted By: Angels2

Re: Where did it go? - 21/09/18 08:19 PM

I have seen other user that has an older version of mirc send one in a chatroom to me.
Posted By: Angels2

Re: Where did it go? - 21/09/18 08:24 PM

There use to me "Pirch98" that was downloaded along with MIRC or Christian Command program.
Posted By: maroon

Re: Where did it go? - 21/09/18 10:43 PM

You don't want to use mIRC that's not from a trusted source, because you don't know if there are any hidden things infecting it or bundled with it. mirc.com has a link for 6.35 or the current version.

I googled for it using search terms mirc 'christian command'
and found a website hosting it. It's an .exe that can't be viewed by 7zip, so I'm not going to look at it to see what's in it. However, the page describes the script as being 'for windows xp', so it's going to be a fairly old script. If it won't run in the newest version 7.52 of mirc, it might work in the 6.35 that's also available for d/l at mirc.com.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Where did it go? - 22/09/18 12:40 AM

Pirch98 was a different IRC client from mIRC. In fact, there hasn't been a version update from Pirch since 1998. Though I wouldn't necessarily recommend downloading 20 year old IRC software today.

I never heard of Christian Command. Sorry.

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