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New script

Posted By: eendje

New script - 24/05/03 10:01 AM

hej all,
I've been scripting a lot lately and now i'm making my own script, but i need some advice.

I got 2 games in it, a notice script, auto modes, ban protection, slaps, slap protection and a query script.

But i want a clone scan, and a lagbar.
But I aint know how to script them.
So maybe if any1 of you could help?
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: New script - 24/05/03 12:07 PM

You want slap protection? shocked
Posted By: theRat

Re: New script - 24/05/03 12:45 PM

lag bar:
ping the server and return the info the way you want?
clone scan:
who #channel
store & parse raw results

and with google you can find both of these scripts within minute, with so many comments that even my granny can write a script out of 'em
Posted By: Xilef

Re: New script - 24/05/03 06:16 PM

Hi !
I think you should add an new option to the /font command, to set one font as default font for all windows.


/font -e 11 tahoma


/font [-e [channel|query|chat|status|scripts|notify|and so on]]

This would be very helpful for theme builders, because you needn't write a large script, that sets the font as default font.

think about this idea smile

greets, Xilef

p.s. sorry for my bad english...
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: New script - 24/05/03 10:36 PM

What does that post on a font suggestion have to do with a developer forum, and adding a lagbar?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: New script - 25/05/03 02:31 AM

What does that post on a font suggestion have to do with a developer forum, and adding a lagbar?

Description of Developer Forum:
This forum is for scripters, and for developers of applications that work with mIRC. Feel free to post your ideas, ask questions, and discuss scripting issues here.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: New script - 25/05/03 02:48 AM

I know what the forum is for, the question is why was it appended to this thread, and not a new one or one containing a similar topic.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: New script - 26/05/03 03:15 PM

Welcome to mIRC's forum smile

Your english is fine, but just in case you dont understand how, when you want to start a new subject, just open the forum you are interested in, and click on the word POST and you can create a new thread on that new subject. That will get better response and be less confusing.
Posted By: HobophobE

Re: lag bar - 28/05/03 02:09 AM

When I had a lagbar in my script I used /whois and the
raw reply for "no such name/channel" to do it. Not sure if it would make a difference... I just had a timer to /whois !$ctime
so it would always bounce and then I'd check the ctime it was sent vs. the actual time (would work using $ticks too)

Problem was with the multi-server support I couldn't figure out if I should do separate lag-checks or average them...so I just chopped it out instead...wasn't that necessary to me.

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