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[dbmssocn] general network error

Posted By: chamibanini

[dbmssocn] general network error - 13/05/03 08:27 AM

Hi experts!

I have a problem in viewing the reports I have done in one of my Visual Basic project. I've used the data report in making these reports and SQL 7.0 as the database. I have already done 6 reports and everytime I try to view the 4th one I've encountered the following error:

"Run-Time Error '-2147467259(80004005)'
[dbmssocn] General network error. Check your network

What does it mean? Can you tell me what's the problem?

Posted By: theRat

Re: [dbmssocn] general network error - 13/05/03 12:32 PM

This is mIRC discussion board, try www.microsoft.com instead...
Thank you
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