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Is it possible to find where variables are in the memory register, so they could be accessed from a different application, such as one of C++? I believe the variables are stored in memory, otherwise the /flushini command would not exist. If anybody knows of a way to find the memory registers that mIRC uses for variables, please reply.

Thanks in advance.
Umm why in God's name would you want to do such a horrid thing?
There are all kinds of nasty perv's out there these days... grin
You can access the mIRC variables from another application using SendMessage and WM_MEVALUATE. Check out the mIRC help file on SendMessage..
Or if you don't want to put a whole lot of effort into it... DDE Evaluate wink
I take it you've never worked with the C DDE API? If you don't want to put effort in something, then you shouldn't even consider DDE. DDE is an incredibly hard thing to work with, especially if you're not familiar with DDE.
Reading data from memsets is kind complicated. You need know the address, size, type, and read it. In that case you can follow recordsets by using some debug-softwares. In win32 I recommend Visual C++.
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