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[socket] website (machine a) -> mirc (machine b)

Posted By: cappie

[socket] website (machine a) -> mirc (machine b) - 21/02/05 11:53 AM

I would like to send data (variables from a php script) to mIRC (I want to put inputted form-data into a channel).

so: user on website -> [data] -> php script (on server) -> internal network -> mIRC (on workstation)

I've tried reading the socket manual and several scripts, but it looks a bit different every time I read it... I just don't get it, I think..

Could somebody explain me how to make a listening socket in mIRC and how to read that data into a variable?
Posted By: Armada

Re: [socket] website (machine a) -> mirc (machine b) - 24/02/05 01:35 AM

Your best bet would be udp sockets, open a udp listen and have a sockread event for that socket
on *:sockread:YOURSOCKETNAME: {
sockread %tmp
echo -a %tmp
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