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Posted By: Cypris

Hotmail Checker - 04/04/04 03:14 AM

im interested in making a hotmail email checker, however i dont want to script one in mIRC, i want to code it in VB 6.
I am willing to use mIRC as a means of figuring out what i need to do.

I am unable to figure out how to login to hotmail using sockets. If anyone is interested in helping, or has any information dealing with the current version of the hotmail web client, (hotmail.com). or has a VB6 project that works with Hotmail, or has an mirc script that can check hotmail, or.. ok, easy enough, anything dealing with Hotmail and mIRC, i could realllly use some help here.

Posted By: Online

Re: Hotmail Checker - 04/04/04 03:36 AM

Here you can find an Hotmail checker coded in VB:
Posted By: Cypris

Re: Hotmail Checker - 04/04/04 03:42 AM

note that i said:
"current version of the hotmail"

thanks anways.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Hotmail Checker - 04/04/04 10:47 PM

It's best not to cross post as you will irritate and confuse people, plus it's not needed smile

I propose this thread is continued here as the Scripts & Popups board is more appropriate.

Posted By: Cypris

Re: Hotmail Checker - 05/04/04 04:31 AM

i have this Thread in both the Dev forum and the popups and scripts forum, asmy quesiton is both a Development question (because of my interest in doing the task in VB6) and is a mirc script question (because i will be using mirc to debug and create a rough connection script)
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Hotmail Checker - 05/04/04 05:44 AM

That is not relevant. As Mentality said -- post in only one forum. Pick the one most appropriate. Not only does this make sure you don't annoy people, it also disables the poissibility of different people spending time telling you the same thing, and it makes any discussion far easier as people won't have to look at two threads at the same time, causing confusion all over.
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