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Adding items to an open dialog

Posted By: Riamus

Adding items to an open dialog - 02/11/03 08:33 PM

I'm writing a script that uses many icons for display purposes. Most of the icons are not needed the entire time the dialog is open. Hiding them works fine except for the fact that I have so many that the dialog flickers as it refreshes every time anything is changed (unhiding something, changing the tab, etc).

It would really be useful to:

1) Allow a command-line (or script-called) ability to add an item to a dialog that is already created. Example: I have an open dialog and I now need an icon for something. I type (or my script runs the command) /dialog title +icon id,x y w h,location,style


2) Make it so the dialog does not refresh everything in it whenever one thing is changed. Really, there is no need for that considering everything will stay the same besides the one thing that is being changed anyhow.

Either option would really be helpful for people who need to use many items in a dialog and don't want to have the dialog flicker all the time.

Posted By: pheonix

Re: Adding items to an open dialog - 02/11/03 08:35 PM

yeah, i think it would also be good to have a "drag and resize" property, button "button", x y w h, drag resize
then you could make your own dstudio smile
Posted By: trenzterra

Re: Adding items to an open dialog - 04/11/03 01:42 PM

In my idea, you don't need the drag and resize thingy. just do /dialog -resize dialogname x y w h etc....
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: Adding items to an open dialog - 04/11/03 01:48 PM

that would be more code frown
Posted By: TheXenocide

Re: Adding items to an open dialog - 05/11/03 05:49 AM

I agree, i think dynamic control creation/deletion would be an excelent addition, i guess the resizability thing is an ok idea, but i think that the means that exist right now seem just fine to me.

also, for people who do want to use all of those images frequently, mIRC should utilize the LockWindowUpdate API
when changing the display of a dialog to reduce the flickering.
Posted By: Riamus

Re: Adding items to an open dialog - 05/11/03 06:43 AM

Out of curiousty, is it possible to use that LockWindowUpdate API in mirc even if it's not part of mirc by using some scripting method?
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