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$isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc.

Posted By: cold

$isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc. - 25/10/03 12:46 AM

Instead of having identifiers like $modespl, $prefix, $chantypes etc., that rely on the RPL_ISUPPORT 005 reply from the IRC server, why not just implement $isupport(<parm>), which would return any of the many parameters coming from it?
mIRC could provide $isupport(MODESPL) instead of $modespl, $isupport(N) could return the Nth received parameter and so on.

These identifiers seem just like the deprecated $opnick(), $nopnick(), $vnick() etc., all that ended up becoming only $nick().

Also, before going to another point, firstly I must ask so I won't assume things, is there any known reason for not having (an) identifier(s) refering to all the RPL_ISUPPORT parameters?
The point is, mIRC doesn't offer identifiers to many of them (like KNOCK, WATCH, *LEN parameters etc). I know it's easy to catch them using a raw event, but mIRC already catches some of them, so I'd rather have them all built-in instead of only part of them. $isupport() could handle all of them and any new ones in the future, if they come.
Posted By: cold

Re: $isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc. - 05/11/03 08:50 AM

So, I'm sorry for the bump (my one and only), but I'd really like to get my question answered and any opinions on the matter.
Posted By: saxon

Re: $isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc. - 16/02/04 03:18 PM

Yeah, it doesn't "bump" them on these forums though. Replying to old threads usually means nobody will ever see your comments. Which is why people often don't like to "use the search feature" before posting a request.

After all, What is the point in logging on and making a feature request that Khaled won't ever read?
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: $isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc. - 16/02/04 04:11 PM

From display properties you can select how far back a thread must've last been active for it to display. If you have it set to a short amount of time then you'll only have about two pages of threads viewable in any section, making it easy to see newly revisited threads.

Besides, bumping is usually really annoying.
Posted By: saxon

Re: $isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc. - 17/02/04 11:48 AM

This is true, However, I think most people just use the default option. And as Khaled has never mentioned that he uses those settings, I have to presume that he uses the default layout too.

It would make sense if the settings you reffered to were made default, And a post was made by the moderators to encourage people to use them. Or perhaps that requires to much effort...

Also, I think anyone who says "use the search feature", but doesn't use the settings you mentioned, Has got a real nerve. And i'm sure that accounts for a lot of people.
Posted By: cold

Re: $isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc. - 17/02/04 07:23 PM

Although I don't like the way this forum works, I wouldn't presume anything about Khaled's options.
Nonetheless, there are people who've read this post, it is also linked in another thread with the same subject etc. It doesn't matter anymore, as I can see it's now a known suggestion anyway. It's perfectly possible that Khaled could have read it or maybe noticed it through any other means.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: $isupport() instead of $modespl, $prefix etc. - 18/02/04 06:27 AM

There is simply no way for anyone to know what default settings "most people" use or would want. The ppl who created UBB.threads put in a variety of options. Regardless of how the default is set, on the main index page you can choose to change the view to the past 24 or 48 hours or 7 days. Each forum index allows you to change it on the fly showing "active" in several time frames. those options are sitting right there in plain view and dont take any effort to change as and when desired. I'd like to think that most ppl have taken the time to look the board over, read the help file, and come up with what personally suits their requirements the best.

There have been many posts explaining to ppl how to change the view at any time (ive done more than a few) as well as lots explaining that when you use the search engine you can, and in most cases should, expand the date range and forums to search there to get the best results.
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