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Hide mIRC completely

Posted By: r00ted

Hide mIRC completely - 22/10/03 07:31 PM

Hello guys,
I searched the 3 pages of this forum and didnt see the suggestion, sooo, I thought I'd suggest it.

Would it be possible, to hide mIRC completely? I see, there is an option to hide it in the systray, but would it be possible to take it a step further to hide it completely? Soo..like the only way to "know" that its running would be to check the Processes in CTRL ALT DEL?

Or...possibly a command line parameter that could be added to the short cut such as
"C:\Program Files\mIRC\mirc.exe" -minimize
so that upon execution, it would do the events in Perform, and be basically invisible.

Just an idea cool
Posted By: Stealth

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 22/10/03 07:36 PM

Why would you want something like this. It sounds as though you want mIRC to be running on someones computer without their knowledge, so you can screw it.

Even if you are not planning to do something like this, have you thought of the people who like using backdoors to control ones computer. This would open mIRC to the virus world as a trojan, which is not good, let alone it can be illegal.

In other words, bad idea.
Posted By: pheonix

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 22/10/03 07:59 PM

it's not like people don't hide mirc already.
this would just make it easier, i agree though, i don't see what this feature could be used for other than harmful code etc.
Posted By: Marantz

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 22/10/03 08:26 PM

I agree with phoenix, people want to hide it for harfull reasons ie; uploading mIRC to hacked machines to use as bots etc.
But the answer to the original question, their is a way to hide it using a special exe file which hides apps to a background process but i will not be giving the name of it because abuse the nature of what it does.
Posted By: Mouse_103

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 23/10/03 05:44 AM

you could use < deleted, all things considered, prolly best this not be here> .

just look for it on google.

Posted By: Stealth

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 23/10/03 06:44 AM

Mouse, like Marantz said, this feature may have harmfull intentions and thats why it was not mentioned.
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 23/10/03 06:58 AM

Some people don't care about something a concept as basic as that unfortunately.
Posted By: r00ted

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 23/10/03 08:38 AM

Well, I didnt mean it to be anything harmful, just something to hide mIRC when I have it idling in mp3 channels. That way when my stepdad and/or little brothers are playing the computer, by hiding it, it's out of view, so they dont know/care that it's running.

Currently I've been using a program called < deleted, same reason> which, I believe does teh same thing as < deleted >? Unless it has the ability to add that command line parameter to the mIRC shortcut.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 23/10/03 12:57 PM

When you minimize mIRC, hold down the CTRL key.

Doing so will prompt you for a password (or use the password set in the LOCK settings).

When your Brother/Stepdad attempt to click on the icon or close it, mIRC will prompt them for your password and deny them access.

If they are still persistant in trying to interrupt your mIRC session, threaten them physically. grin

- Raccoon
Posted By: thewhisper

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 23/10/03 03:33 PM

I'm going both ways on this one, while I agree that the ability to hide mIRC as a background task would be invaluable for myself ( as I suffer the same prediciment that r00ted is going through, with people who don't want mIRC open all the time ) at the same time, the option for malicious use is overwhelmingly high, all one would need to do is distribute a script that made mIRC run in ( essencially ) "trojan mode"
So there's not even the task of getting people to download trojans anymore, something like this could be easily hidden in a large script, and most people downloading it would never see it in the code. Best stick with hidewindow, because atleast then you'd have to get someone to download, install, and run it first. A lot more difficult then a simple script. Not to mention, it you'd have to be pretty hurtin' to think you're hacking with mIRC scripting :tongue:
btw for future reference: When asking a question like this, you may want to pick a different name then "r00ted" doesn't lend to the whole, " i'm not using this maliciously " mood.
Posted By: r00ted

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 23/10/03 06:15 PM

Okay. Point(s) taken.

Yea, Ill just stick to <deleted> but it is just kinda a hassle hehe.

As far as the nickname. lol. I was given the nickname back when I had my Packard Bell Pentium 133mhz, and my friend "rooted" me. I was stuck with "Invalid system disk error" on boot up for abount a year until he told me what it meant. both the error, and the nick.

My programming/scripting knowledge = 0


Edit: and as far as using this "hide window" in a malicious way.....IMO, there are easier methods to accomplish this task rather than physically loading mIRC on the user's computer.
If I really intended to use it in a malicious way, I wouldnt have bothered suggesting it, cause I could have accomplished the task easier via other "programs".
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 23/10/03 09:25 PM

I dont mean to imply any malicious intent on your part by my editing. However, as pointed out by others, there certainly is a degree of risk in making those two things known on open forum. Sometimes its best to err on the side of caution, hence my editing.
Posted By: TheXenocide

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 24/10/03 04:03 AM

This can easily be done by any trojan right now any way. hiding a window completely can be done with the ShowWindow API, as well as other means, and does not need to be done by a mircscript to make mirc become a trojan. If a trojan writer wants to use mirc and hide it, they will do it... i don't consider this a terrible addition to add, perhaps a setting could allow it to be disabled (much like you can disable remotes,etc.)

If this idea is not implemented, i'm sure it can/has been/will be done with a dll... slight bit of news... mIRC is already utilized by trojans. I don't think that trojan possibilites should be a reason for a useful idea to be dismissed (I realize that security is an issue, but how did the trojan get into mIRC in the first place... you have to download and run something in order for this to happen.) mIRC is already a very powerful program that can be exploited in many ways through the scripting engine... that's why people DL scripts at their own risk. Not to offend or be rude, but would you rather Khaled remove mIRCs scripting engine completely? or take away DLL support and file editing routines? these can all be very dangerous... how about the COM routines that would allow somebody to access the microsoft scripting shell?

Anyway, i'm sorry... i'm not trying to be rude, i just don't think that "potentially malicious code" is a reason to take away such an easily accomplished feature. mIRC already has plenty of avenues for "potentially malicious code." Once again, please nobody think i'm trying to offend anybody, we all have a right to our own opinion.
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 24/10/03 05:31 AM

u make valid pionts, but the main point your not supplying is what usefule ideas or unharmful ways could u use this? I mean really mirc is a chat client, if its completely hidden it makes it rather hard to chat with doesnt it? for the very very rare instances u may need to do this, and i mean legitimatly, there is already a dll or exe that hides the icon from task window, in those VERY few cases that should be the method used. as adding this to the new mirc would kinda defeat alot of the purpose for khaled making the exe untouchable, (editable), thru a resource editor. or even making it possible to change the exe name to drastically. i think khaled has securty in mind in all those changes and asking for something like this is going to be totally out of the question, unless u can really give a legimate reason for neding to completely hide a program that really isnt designed to run in the background
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 24/10/03 05:52 PM

I'm not going go off on a rambling about why mirc should or shouldn't be given this addition, but what I am going to add is another alternative method to the problem.

As Raccoon said you can password protect mirc by holding ctrl. The other method is to (if you have XP) make the icon in the tray hidden. This can be done by right clicking the taskbar, going to properties. in the Taskbar tab, at the bottom click [Customize...]. Next locate the mirc icon, and select always hidden. Its the "out of site, out of mind" sort of idea. This will make XP place it under the lil [<] arror button in the tray.

If you want to enforce that further, change the mIRC Icon to a system icon. I can get you eitht he lil speaker for the sound control, or the monitor with the ruler for the display properties if you'd like it.

There are any number of ways to "get around" (for a lack of better terms) the no hide feature mIRC lacks, use them instead.
Posted By: gwong

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 25/10/03 04:16 AM

More valuabe to me than hiding mIRC is to run it as a service. Thus allowing me to switch Windows logins without dropping and restarting connections. Hence no messages are lost.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 26/10/03 11:28 AM

I'd like to be able to run mIRC as a service too. Shame it can only be done in 9X.
Posted By: AKO

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 26/10/03 01:24 PM

It's called firedaemon.
Posted By: r00ted

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 03/03/04 07:16 PM

hmm. sorry to bump this old thread, but has/does anyone use(d) firedaemon to run mIRC as a service? If so, does it work? wink maybe I'll chk into this hehe.

PM me or reply to this thread with the info.

Posted By: Online

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 03/03/04 07:34 PM

Unfortunately, most people will not get a chance to face your reply, because the default settings for this board display threads in their creation order frown
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 03/03/04 07:59 PM

Well, only for silly people who display threads that have posts >2 days old. smile

* Raccoon enjoys his 'display 2 days' and '80 threads per page' setting.
Posted By: r00ted

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 15/03/04 04:40 PM

damn so no1 sees this post but you guys? :P interesting lol wheres that option hidden?
Posted By: dany9995

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 25/03/04 07:05 PM

But I need to know! My dad wont let me install ANY program in his computer so I need to find that out! Any help?
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 25/03/04 08:35 PM

bout the same here - 2 days and 99 per page
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 25/03/04 08:50 PM

Many valid points have already been made in this thread saying why we cannot help people on how to hide mIRC completely.

Hiding mIRC is not going to prevent your dad from knowing it has been installed. It must still appear in Add/Remove programs and he's bound to look there some day.

You can always use /showmirc -t to minimise mIRC to the tray.

As has been mentioned somewhere else before though, we respect parents decisions just like we respect the decisions made by schools, universities, work places etc about firewalls/routers and restricted IRC access. If your dad doesn't want you to install programs on his computer then he has that right. And if he has important files on it that he cannot risk getting deleted by some virus (whether it is contracted accidentally or not) I must say I can see his reasoning.

Posted By: r00ted

Re: Hide mIRC completely - 30/11/04 09:09 PM

I've found Spybot S&D can remove the mIRC instance from Add/Remove programs.
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