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Some suggestions.

Posted By: Spola

Some suggestions. - 10/12/02 02:52 PM

I think it would be sweet to have like a switch for a timer to make sure it re-evaluates everytime it triggers (rather then having to use those pesky $!time thingies).

Multiple commands per timer would be sweet too.

.timer 1 0 {
  do first thing
  do second thing
  do last thing

tell me what you think!
Posted By: Collective

Re: Some suggestions. - 10/12/02 03:00 PM

For idea #2 what's wrong with using the timer to execute an alias with those commands in it?
Posted By: Spola

Re: Some suggestions. - 10/12/02 03:12 PM


Both of my suggestions aren't really 'needed' per se (the first one can also just call an alias that will re-evaluate).

However i still think it would be neat to have them implemented, as it would make (timer) code much cleaner.
Posted By: tymonk

Re: Some suggestions. - 10/12/02 03:12 PM

i really like the idea multiple commands for timers
i made a work around to this using a text file with multiple commands and having it play with the timer command but its not the same as having them handy with the timer command and have to edit a different file

Posted By: angah

Re: Some suggestions. - 10/12/02 05:10 PM

why dont you just make an alias and let /timer run the alias... aren't it the same?
Posted By: GrimZ

Re: Some suggestions. - 11/12/02 07:06 AM

.timer 1 0 dothis $chr(124) dothat $chr(124) echo -a 3 commands done

... it's been supported (or a wierd behaviour)
Posted By: SyN

Re: Some suggestions. - 11/12/02 09:20 PM

umm maybe I'm missing the point
.timerdosomething 3 40 { do this | do that | do other }
never had any unexpected results
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