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Posted By: Andyx

Thumbnail Preview - 19/10/03 12:52 PM

What about making it possible to see a preview of the pic someone's about to send before you accept the file just as MSN Messenger does?. I think that would rock.
Posted By: WhoJoeDaddy

Re: Thumbnail Preview - 19/10/03 01:06 PM

Step 1) Accept the pic they are sending.
Step 2) Go to directory where pic was saved.
Step 3) Look at pic.
Step 4) If you like it, keep it. If not, delete it.

I personally would hate to see crap like this added to mIRC.
Along with video, voice, W.A.S.T.E. & skins .. all is crap.
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Thumbnail Preview - 19/10/03 02:38 PM

Maybe you should pay more attention. When MSN shows you a thumbnail - you actually downloaded that thumbnail image to your HD. There's no way a program can show you an image that is not on your HD. Same with websites. You do know they get downloaded to your HD right. Then of course there's always the mantra "mIRC isn't a filesharing program" etc, so there's no need for such a feature.
Posted By: Andyx

Re: Thumbnail Preview - 19/10/03 02:59 PM

A preview wodn't take more than a couple of kb's, if that's actually a download.....

Pic preview should be a handy feature. Why downloading a large pic that might leech modem users' speed and precious time when you can preview it and decide not to accept the transfer?. Sharing program or not, the send and receive features are avaialble on mIRC so improving them would just do a lot of favor to the average user.
Posted By: AKO

Re: Thumbnail Preview - 19/10/03 04:30 PM

Andy: IRC is a text-based chat communications medium. It is not some uber duper hyper leet chat medium with super powers like MSN or AIM or any of the others.

Here's an idea, tell your friend to open the image with paint and resize it to 25% of the original size, save it, and send that to you.

Otherwise, don't accept images from just anyone.

IRC is a far older chat medium than AIM or MSN Messenger combined smile Its 100% text based, which is why I like it.

IRC clients usually stick to the IRC RFC standards so everyone can interoperate correctly.

If you want it bad enough, find someone who will write a DLL for the function, then code a script to use sockets to send the file into a 'temporary cache', and open it in a picture window smile
Posted By: Kevin_b_er

Re: Thumbnail Preview - 20/10/03 12:59 AM

Any 'thumbnail' you've ever seen is 1 of 2 types:
1. The image you see has already been resized so you can download it quickly
2. Your computer shows you the image in smaller dimensions, its still the entire image and uses as much system memory and HD space, its just shown smaller on your screen.

On the web you are likely to see things like #1, they pre-shrink the images down so you can download them very fast, then click each image if you want to see it entirely.

With some clever picture windowing you might be able to impliment #2 into mIRC, but without some complex script resizing the images for thumbnails from the sending person, you'll never get #1..
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