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Checking for new versions..

Posted By: Voice_of_Power

Checking for new versions.. - 15/10/03 06:05 PM

What if an option was built into mIRC which checks if a new version is available yet. This could notify the user of this when he or she opens mIRC (ofcourse there should be the posibility to disable this for people who don't like version checkers).

If this were built into previous versions, all users would emediatly know about the release of v6.12, and so everyone would have full security.
Right now there are still a lot of people unaware, not everyone has signed up on the newslist and with alternative ways news of new versions takes time to reach every casual user, this could take several weeks..

ahwell it's just an idea, just another suggestion would be not to make it as anoying as in msn wink
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Checking for new versions.. - 15/10/03 06:09 PM

o0o, I like that idea smile

Posted By: Theos

Re: Checking for new versions.. - 15/10/03 06:37 PM

Nice idea, could also include a brief reason as to why its released. So to take your example of v6.12, it could say 'Bug Fix: Major crash exploit in versions 6.0 through 6.11' and a rating of how important it is to upgrade, as its a major bug in old versions the rating would be 'High priority', if its just a few new features, it would be 'low prioirity'. This way, you can decide if you really need to upgrade to it or if you can stick with the version you like.
Could also include a 'remember' option, so if you've already seen theres a new version, you don't get told about it for another 2 weeks or some period, that way you can still keep a check on new releases without being bugged by a popup or whatever each time you open mirc/connect to a server.
Posted By: v0id

Re: Checking for new versions.. - 15/10/03 06:38 PM

Update Checker
Posted By: d00dman

Re: Checking for new versions.. - 15/10/03 06:56 PM

FWIW, this has been brought up many times in the past. Usually, it is shot down because of bandwidth concerns and because of the fact that there is a mailing list that new releases are always announced on, within hours of release.

Posted By: Voice_of_Power

Re: Checking for new versions.. - 15/10/03 09:11 PM

woops, sorry for posting in wrong section..

and yeah I know there's a mailing list and stuff.. but I doubt the whole world knows about that, haden't thought about bandwidth problems though..
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