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Posted By: tymonk Multi-server Identifiers - 10/12/02 01:23 PM
i was playing around with the newer identifiers for multi-server support ....making a nick ident and nick ghosting script using these features. there is a $cid , $scid and $scon for identifiers. There are /scid and /scon for commands. Would be very nice if there was a $con identifier. If there is one or something similiar i missed it. I know a custome ID could be made but it would just be nice if there was a $con

Posted By: Hammer Re: Multi-server Identifiers - 10/12/02 01:35 PM
To do what? What would be its purpose?
Posted By: tymonk Re: Multi-server Identifiers - 10/12/02 02:41 PM
when you connect to multiple servers each is givin a connection ID in order ....but say you had 3 server connections the $cid would return 1 2 3. if you droped connection2 and closed its status window and then opened a new status and made a 3ed connection the return in $cid would end up being 1 3 4 instead 1 2 3 like it was to start with. same applies with $scid and /scid for commands however there is a another identifier called $scon and command called /scon ....when using the $scon it keeps the 1 2 3 as 1 2 3 if you close connection and its status window and then make another and reconnect. it would be handy if there was a $con rather then making a custome identifier to do its job.
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