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Address book suggestion

Posted By: landonsandor

Address book suggestion - 14/09/03 06:18 AM

How about a dropdown menu that allows us to select the time delay for op/voice? Currently it's not configurable thru the Address book (yes, I know about /pop & /pvoice). It would be nice to have (for example) Default (for the current method) and then say a list from 1 - 60 seconds to use as a designated delay. Would make sence (in a natrual progression type of way) since /pop & /pvoice can designate specific delays why not the Address book?
Posted By: Rachele

Re: Address book suggestion - 14/09/03 06:29 AM

I agree with you smile
Posted By: Om3n

Re: Address book suggestion - 14/09/03 07:59 AM

Sounds good to me, but an editbox would probably be much more appropriet than a drop down menu.
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Address book suggestion - 14/09/03 08:52 AM

yeah true, that could be done. I was thinking that under MOST circumstances (not all), delaying more than one minute is kinda pointless. Of course now people will tell me that what about this situation and that one, and fine, there's always somebody who'd need more time, but as a whole, judging by how LITTLE the address book gets mentioned, Id venture a guess that the small percentage of (people who use the addy book) small percentage of (mirc users in general) users who actually USE these lists delay no more than one minute.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Address book suggestion - 14/09/03 12:25 PM

I'm in agreement!

Posted By: codemastr

Re: Address book suggestion - 14/09/03 03:54 PM

Do people actually use the address book? I've been using mIRC for 4-5 years now, I've never used it once.
Posted By: J0ke

Re: Address book suggestion - 14/09/03 05:11 PM

$me too shocked
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Address book suggestion - 15/09/03 04:15 AM

That's my point (from misc add bk threads); not many people use it so it gets overlooked. I use it and obviously a few others use it too. Im willing to grant that FEW people use it, but still, this would make for a nice feature IMO. Im willing to say that a lot of people dont use it because they dont have a need because their scripts take care of everything for them. However, how many times on this board (forget about the old one) has it been asked how to auto-op people when they come in a room? 2 answers are given (granted one is more popular than the other - and these are just generic answers): 1) on @*:join#://mode # +o $nick 2) add it in the address book
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