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Agent on non-english systems

Posted By: The_Real

Agent on non-english systems - 07/09/03 01:00 PM


After playing around with the agent trying to get the text-to-speech to work, I started searching this forum, and found a hint in an old post that you should set the langid on the agent to get it to work with the TTS packs from Microsoft.
/gopts -n agent 0x0409

Was wondering, wouldn't this be worth mentioning either in the help file or on the agent page: http://www.mirc.co.uk/agents.html
or perhaps place a "select langid" dropdown in the mirc settings for agent ?

Posted By: Rich

Re: Agent on non-english systems - 08/09/03 06:12 PM

It is mentioned in the help file:
/help agent scripts

Although it would be nice if the title(meaning the big letters at the top of that page, not the one in the index) of that page was changed to "Agent scripts" and the page that you get from
/help agents
provided a link to it.
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