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DCC ignore.

Posted By: SladeKraven

DCC ignore. - 03/09/03 11:39 PM

I think it would be nice to have something like:
/dcc -e ignore *.mp3,*.wav
For ignore all except
/dcc -o ignore *.dll,*.exe,*.html,*.htm
For ignore only,
and possibly..
/ignore -d ignore for disable.
Whilst still having functions like:
/dcc ignore [on|off]
Posted By: WatchMinister

Re: DCC ignore. - 04/09/03 12:00 AM

Of course this is easily scriptable, but I guess most feature suggestions are..

Not a bad suggestion, though.
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: DCC ignore. - 04/09/03 12:16 AM

Yes I know, but I thought it'd be nice built into mIRC.
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