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/msg <flag><server> <target> <message>

Posted By: DarkStarX

/msg <flag><server> <target> <message> - 09/12/02 07:22 PM

Instead of having to switch CIDs everytime you want to send a message to a specific server, why not put a flag into /msg so that you can specify a server (or cid) to send the message to on the fly smile
Posted By: Jerk

Re: /msg <flag><server> <target> <message> - 09/12/02 08:47 PM

I am not opposed to this but it is pretty easily done with an alias.
alias cmsg {
  if ($$1 isnum) { scid $$1 /msg $$2 $$3- }
  else {
    var %i = 0
    while (%i &lt;= $scon(0)) {
      if ($scon(%i).server == $$1) { scon %i /msg $$2 $$3- } 
      inc %i
/cmsg <CID|ServerName> <Target> <Text>

If you would rather go by network name then change $scon(%i).server to $scon(%i).network and then it will work like:

/cmsg <CID|Network> <Target> <Text>
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