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Direct connect?

Posted By: bunder

Direct connect? - 09/12/02 06:18 PM

Hello there,
You havnt considered creating a version which supports the connection to Direct Connect hubs? Dont you think that IRC is sort of dieing and that DC will be the next big thing?

Either way, if we resist from debating whether or not IRC Is dead, cause that was not my issue, what do you think of a feature which allows the connection to DC hubs? wink

Posted By: Dana

Re: Direct connect? - 09/12/02 06:24 PM

But why would you use an IRC client for this ...?
Posted By: bunder

Re: Direct connect? - 09/12/02 06:28 PM

I've been told that DC is built on the same foundation as IRC and when i visit the IRC networks I see a substansial drop in amount of visitors. Its always fun to create something people actually use.. I guess I just see it as evolution.
Posted By: STING

Re: Direct connect? - 10/12/02 08:00 AM

mIRC has really nothing to do with file sharing like Kazaa, DC or other.

Also mIRC will never affilate itself with something that is stimulating illegal downloads.
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Direct connect? - 10/12/02 12:55 PM

The amount of IRC users is still growing, any drop in users you're seeing is local to that network alone, not all of IRC. If you were referring to DALnet then there is a hell of a good reason why they have a low usercount.

Even if Khaled decided that IRC was 'dead' and he was gonna make something that uses DC, why would he adapt mIRC to do it? It doesn't make sense to make one program do two things which (in my mind) are so different.
Posted By: vasil_michev

Re: Direct connect? - 10/12/02 05:51 PM

I'm sure I've seen addon for that, but i can't tell you the exact site wink
try searching on script sites?
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