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Hide files from "Fserve"

Posted By: _bi0

Hide files from "Fserve" - 09/12/02 05:06 PM

Hi All,

As far as I can tell, there doesnt seem to be an option to hide files from being served by the Fserve...

It would be nice if there was an option to hide files that have the "Hidden" attrib set and/or those files that have a period "." as the first char in the filename...

Posted By: Sartan

Re: Hide files from "Fserve" - 09/12/02 07:02 PM

Good idea ;p But remember, you ARE warned that you could be potentially sharing "bad" files. Why not add an ifcheck in your on serv and get text -- if ($badfilename($fserve($nick).cd $+ \ $+ $2-)) { msg =$nick No sorry dude... }
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