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Command line option to disable GUI

Posted By: Trout_2k

Command line option to disable GUI - 17/04/22 07:54 AM

Hi all,
I would like to raise the following feature request:
A command line option to disable the GUI, thereby making it possible to run mIRC from the command shell without the UI.

This would allow for some powerful new forms of scripting and mIRC capabilities.

Example could be like this:
mirc --nogui --script myscript.mrc

After the code is executed the runtime stops. Or if you want to keep your cose running permanently you can set a flag at the start of the script. (or start a timer, or a socket, or any command that would indicate that the script shouldn't be terminated).

By enabling such a commandline option I can deploy my mIRC script headless on any computer or server. Also minimizing my memory usage as the UI doesn't need to load.

What do you think of this idea?
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Command line option to disable GUI - 17/04/22 02:14 PM

This has indeed been discussed many times. It is not possible because the scripting language is completely tied into the GUI. There are a huge number of commands, identifiers, and events that work specifically with windows and depend on the GUI being present. The only way you can do what you are asking is to hide the GUI by using the minimize to tray option.
Posted By: Trout_2k

Re: Command line option to disable GUI - 17/04/22 03:51 PM

Many thanks Khaled for your reply and looking into it. Really appreciate it!

Totally understand that it's not an easy task to accomplish!

I will continue dreaming about my future mIRC kubernetes cluster. laugh
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