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$file() - add identifier new properties

Posted By: Epic

$file() - add identifier new properties - 28/04/21 07:07 PM

I am currently creating an interesting script, which I plan to publish in the future here, for help solve one the problem. The script will need to extract some information from an executable file "file.exe".
I don't know if there is another way to extract detailed properties information from a file where there is a "File description" and "Product name" line?

     [Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

Currently, only the version can be retrieved from the file: $file().version, and some other information.

I suggest adding additional new properties to this identifier: $file().description and $file().productname. If there is no such information at the file, then the return will be - $null.

Posted By: Wims

Re: $file() - add identifier new properties - 28/04/21 08:43 PM

Posted By: Epic

Re: $file() - add identifier new properties - 28/04/21 08:59 PM

Thanks, but I wouldn't be creating a new topic if preliminarily hadn't looked at the hint in that the reference book first...
I have already tried all the properties from this list and there is nothing there to extract the information necessary from file.

If you have more precise information how to do it, then please indicate built-in the identifier which the suitable for use and its precise properties.
Posted By: Wims

Re: $file() - add identifier new properties - 28/04/21 09:23 PM

Sorry I thought .product would return the product name, as well as the description being available there
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