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Posted By: Raccoon Popup Menus by /command - 28/02/21 08:22 PM
I would like a command that will launch a script defined Popup Menu, in the same manner that Right-click does on a target window.

This will allow me to create complex Popup Menus that launch new Popup Menus (by command) when one of the Popup Menus are clicked.

The reasons for doing this include creating Popup Menus that are CPU intense for displaying data gathered from recursive looping of users and channels, that would otherwise bog down the display of your Nicklist or Channel popup menus.
Posted By: Loki12583 Re: Popup Menus by /command - 01/03/21 11:17 PM
Are you essentially asking for the evaluation of a $submenu to be delayed until accessed? A /command seems like a different feature, or I guess an alternative implementation of the same feature.
Posted By: Raccoon Re: Popup Menus by /command - 02/03/21 12:45 AM
Loki: The Win32 menu subsystem does not permit for dynamic menu creation / modification while the menu is being shown. So it would be impossible for a $submenu to be "delayed until it is accessed" without first closing and destroying the menu that's up on the screen, and then popping up a new menu again from scratch. Which is what I am asking for with a /ShowMenu <MenuName> command. You can create a popup window with a list of menu items that, themselves, spawn a new and dynamically created menu on demand. And sometimes it can take 2 to 5 full seconds to generate the list / tree data you wish to be shown, making it inappropriate to generate (each and every time) for normal Nicklist or Channel popup menus.
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