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ctrl-k color map

Posted By: qto

ctrl-k color map - 06/08/19 01:04 AM

Hello Khaled, and everyone.

I'd like to suggest something for mIRC, now that we have 99 colors at our disposal.

The complete color map of 99 colors should pop up when ctrl-k is entered.

As of 7.57, there are only 16 that pop up.

An example of how it could be done is shown here. However, Khaled could make it much better, without that missing row !

I'd LOVE to see this option in mIRC.

If you agree, chime in, so we can possibly motivate Khaled to do this for us !

I have a paid account, I support Khaled fully, and I suggest you do, as well.

All the best !

Posted By: FroggieDaFrog

Re: ctrl-k color map - 17/08/19 11:15 AM

Im indifferent to it, in the mean time you can use xpallette
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