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/hop #chan and 'keep channel open'

Posted By: Wims

/hop #chan and 'keep channel open' - 30/06/19 03:13 PM

If you /hop #chanB from #chanA with the option 'keep channel open', there is no indication that you're no longer on #chanA, which feels wrong.

Would it be possible to echo a line to #chanA in this case with a message such as '* /hop: you're no longer on #chanA'
Posted By: Khaled

Re: /hop #chan and 'keep channel open' - 21/07/19 05:51 PM

When I try this here, /hop #chanB while in #chanA, this parts #chanA and closes its window, even if "keep channel open" is enabled, which is what it should be doing. Is this not happening for you?
Posted By: Wims

Re: /hop #chan and 'keep channel open' - 21/07/19 06:37 PM

Well I'm sorry, seeing your post I tried with remote off, and I had this line that I forgot to remove/comment, which can be used to keep channel open when you receive a part event (which is something that has been asked by various users over the decade, actually):

on *:PARSELINE:in:?* PART #*:if ($gettok($mid($parseline,2),1,33) == $me) .parseline -it
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: /hop #chan and 'keep channel open' - 22/07/19 03:57 AM

LOL. Abuse PARSELINE events, directly against the advice of the help documentation, then blame Khaled for making your script necessary in the first place. I love it laugh cry

(I exactly knew this was the issue of your bug report, but I held my tongue. You showcased this script in March. You'll need to watch for outgoing PART messages, first.)
Posted By: Khaled

Re: /hop #chan and 'keep channel open' - 22/07/19 08:11 AM

Well, this is the reason we sometimes ask users to test out a clean copy of mIRC, when issues like this arise, because scripts can be used to change how mIRC works.

The purpose of PARSELINE is to allow scripters to do things like this on a low level, so there is nothing wrong with using it in this way :-)
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