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alias -g ...

Posted By: Jigsy

alias -g ... - 27/06/19 09:15 PM

Whilst we have alias -l for local aliases which can't be called via the editbox or via another script, I'd like to see something along the lines of alias -g implimented as well where I can separate a script into parts E.g. 1.mrc, 2.mrc, 3.mrc, etc. and add an alias to 3.mrc which could be called via a function in 1.mrc but still doesn't permit the use of calling the alias via the editbox.
Posted By: Wims

Re: alias -g ... - 27/06/19 10:14 PM

Hello, you probably meant local aliases instead of local variables.

Not a bad idea, but it's typically the kind of thing that should be scriptable. Recently we got $fromeditbox and $caller which gives informations about which kind of context called the alias.

It must be noted that it has been suggested a countless number of time that scripters want the name of the alias that is calling the current alias, if it's an alias call.

I recently suggested to extend $caller to include that and informations about the calling filename if any and the scriptline number, if it were implemented, it would also allow you to create the situation you want, /returning the alias call if the filename calling is any you want/don't want. @Khaled I'd like to hear from you about why this was never added, please.
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