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Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections

Posted By: mruno

Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections - 10/05/19 12:12 PM

I know this probably would take some work, but it would be very beneficial if the script editor was collapsible for different code sections.
Example: If you paste some json code at https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/ you can collapse it by section. See this imgur post to visualize what I am talking about.

Sections such as alias, raw, ON EVENTS could be set as collapsible and would help the readability for those of us with large scripts.
Thank you
Posted By: WKN

Re: Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections - 14/05/19 03:17 PM

I think mIRC is "mainly" an IRC client, not a code editor.

So in my opinion, it is most worthy Khaled is concentrated on that functionality than "wasting" time in functions for the buildin script tool.

If you want more, use an external editor to script.
Posted By: KindOne

Re: Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections - 15/05/19 10:46 PM

Have you tried mSLDev?


It can only collapse the entire alias/OnEvent/whatever, not sections inside of them.

Development has stalled so anything added after December 2014 (like "on *:PARSELINE:{}") will give errors.

The download link on the front page has a version from March 2013.

If you want to try the latest version from December 2014: http://msldev.com/download/win/latest_build.zip
Posted By: Loki12583

Re: Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections - 15/05/19 11:29 PM

The VS Code mIRC extension supports collapsing and has been updated to all keywords as of 2017, it's on github so you can fork as needed.

Posted By: kap

Re: Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections - 19/08/19 10:30 AM

I agree with mruno. When you code blocks are larger than your screen can display, it would be very beneficial. Presently I find myself porting code to and fro another editor that does support this. This is not ideal.
Posted By: Chokehold

Re: Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections - 20/08/19 06:58 PM

I agree as well, I have very much noticed difficulty tracking end braces when coding with nested if statements.
I would very much love a collapsible editor.
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