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Disable RTL in Script Editor

Posted By: Raccoon

Disable RTL in Script Editor - 02/04/19 07:51 AM

I finally figured out what's going on here after years of frustration, and it's super annoying.

If you press and hold the Right-Ctrl key, then press and release the Right-Shift key, the whole script editor goes into Right-To-Left (RTL) mode.

If you then press and hold the Left-Ctrl key, then press and release the Left-Shift key, the script editor will revert back to Left-To-Right (LTR; non-RTL) mode.

For years this bugged me, because it would happen while using selection navigation keys such as Ctrl+Shift + Home/End/Up/Down etc. Turns out if my finger releases the Shift key before the Ctrl key, it will enter RTL mode. I never knew why this was or how to undo it until now.

If RTL mode might be useful to someone, please add a push button to get out of RTL mode when somebody accidentally gets into it.


There is also a mysterious RTL hotkey for the typical channel/query Editbox, but I'm not sure how I accidentally get into that just yet. It's a different key combination.
Posted By: Wims

Re: Disable RTL in Script Editor - 02/04/19 11:31 PM

I must say it happened more than once for me in the channel editbox, but never in the script editor, so if you find the shortcut for the editbox you're golden. Both are richedit control, it's weird.

I once suggested for the script editor to indicate when we are in insert mode, which is not visible just like that, right to left is pretty visible, so perhaps the shortcut should be noted in the help file or something rather than a button which would not be used at all for most.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Disable RTL in Script Editor - 03/04/19 05:08 AM

As for a push button; my suggestion is that if someone enters into RTL mode in the script editor, that a magic button becomes visible that they can click to get out of RTL. It wouldn't be visible any other time. This is only if RTL can't/shouldn't be completely disabled all together.
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