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Option to disable Nagle

Posted By: Raccoon

Option to disable Nagle - 22/02/19 08:02 AM

Wish to request an option to disable Nagle's Algorithm to IRC server connections. Could be a global setting, or could be a per-/server option, or could be a /raw -d command switch.

Certain interactions are desired in a Nagle-free environment, such as .raw PING $ticks and CTCP $nick PING, and perhaps other things like /play and ASCII art, or attack-responsive channel bots, and speed sensitive buzz-in trivia bots and players.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Option to disable Nagle - 04/04/19 01:41 AM

Receiving more complaints and requests to disable Nagle's Algorithm with IRC server connections.

Nagle's Algorithm behavior was added sometime on or before mIRC v7.49 (25/05/2017) without mention in the changelog. I haven't dialed back to test the exact version it was imposed on server connections.

User reports "mIRC is slower with higher latency pings after upgrading to 7.55". In context to CTCP PING and trivia games.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Option to disable Nagle - 04/04/19 07:58 AM

The nagle algorithm has never been disabled. An option was added to /sockopen, that is all. There are no plans to disable it for normal connections or to add it as an option. If users are seeing latency, it is due to something else.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Option to disable Nagle - 04/04/19 08:19 AM

Was Nagle enabled in 6.35 for server connections?

I'm not sure all servers have nagel's algorithm enabled. But I noticed it myself only a few+ years ago but not before then. If I use a ZNC on a host that doesn't do nagle, it actually gets packets to the server faster than connecting directly with mIRC.

I'm not really convinced that nagle is appropriate for IRC packets, being a slow form transport. Usually fewer than 1 outbound packet per second (way way way fewer). I don't think nagle provides any benefit for chat text streams, only large data streams with 3+ packets per second on average.
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