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Logon / Quit notices in query windows

Posted By: Protopia

Logon / Quit notices in query windows - 09/10/18 06:38 PM

Can we have messages shown in query windows when a user logs on or quits (equivalent to Notify messages in status but without explicitly setting a Notify for the user)?

It would be very helpful to know when a user you are chatting to in a query window goes offline and comes back online.

(I thought about doing this in a script using some sort of temporary Notify, but there is no ON event triggered when you open a Query Window using a /query command (either manually in an editbox or from a different script) that you can use to trigger adding a notify (though an event is triggered when mIRC wants to automatically open a window because it has received a private /msg).

I envisage that internally mIRC would add nicks for open query windows to the ISON list it periodically issues and do similar processing of changed states to display notify messages.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Logon / Quit notices in query windows - 09/10/18 06:55 PM

Here are the considerations as I see them:

Passively, mIRC can tell when a user is any channels you are in, and if so, can see them quit, part the last common channel, or join a channel you two share. Indeed, passively mIRC already tracks a user as they change nicknames in this way.
It might be valuable for mIRC to show some passive indicators similar to the Whois On Query feature, without having to probe the server.

Beyond shared channels, mIRC can probe the server for a user's connection status with /notify (ISON, WATCH, MONITOR), but this also announces to the server which query windows you have opened or closed, so it has some privacy implications.

As of this writing, all of this can be scripted without terrible issue. Except that $dqwindow echoing logic is a bit annoying.

Do you really want a query window to scroll with lots of Online/Offline messages if it's been opened for very long?
Posted By: Protopia

Re: Logon / Quit notices in query windows - 09/10/18 08:18 PM

I guess it needs an option to enable / disable, but IMO it is more important to know that the nick has gone offline than to have large numbers of messages.

Privacy - there are no greater or lesser privacy issues than:

1. Sending private messages between you and nick - server knows that you sent them and indeed knows their content;

2. If you open a window but don't send any messages (just to get the notify) then that is no different to adding the user to notify.

But if you want to mitigate the privacy issues then that can be done by only adding to ISON etc. if at least one message has been sent or received in the query window (because the server already has a record that there has been communication - plus the content - so doing an ISON does not tell the server anything more than it already knows).
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