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Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install

Posted By: Coherencia

Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install - 09/11/15 11:28 AM

In the older versions of mIRC the remote.ini and vars.ini the mIRC install this files in the same directory of mIRC and use it, but now independently of the times you intall mIRC it install in the same directory, no in the directory of mIRC. This causes to me a couple of troubles, the first, I use a YouTube bot and need one instance of mIRC with this script and other instance of mIRC with cero scripts loaded, but this not is possible because mIRC ever load the same remote.ini and vars.ini, independently the number of times I install mIRC in diferent folders.

This trouble in the older versions of mirc not happen, I need reconfigure any option to load diferent scripts or no load this scripts with diferent installations of mIRC?.

Thanks for your time and sorry if my english is not very good, thanks.
Posted By: FroggieDaFrog

Re: Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install - 09/11/15 12:27 PM

You can have independant instances of mIRC by creating an empty mirc.ini and placing it in the same directory as mirc.exe.

This will create/use remotes.ini and vars.ini in the same directory as the mirc.exe
Posted By: Coherencia

Re: Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install - 09/11/15 12:46 PM

I no understand why need create an empty mirc.ini for it. This is expensive for me, not know why mIRC not work equal what the olders versions in this aspect, or why mIRC not have an option to indicate the folders of the scripts, or to indicate it in the mirc.ini, but if the mIRC team add an option for add folders for scripts in the mIRC GUI or in the mirc.ini this is asure a good idea, this is my sugestion smile.
Posted By: Wims

Re: Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install - 09/11/15 02:32 PM

Hello, in older versions of mIRC, all the files were put in the same directory.
In the newer versions, mIRC, by default, use a special folder (Appdata), to make sure it can write to this directory (for example, if you were to install mIRC to program files folder, mIRC wouldn't be able to write to this directory on Windows 7).
You can force the old type of installation by installing to a directory containing a mirc.ini file (empty, or not).

Indeed, if you install mIRC twice with a default installation to the folder C:\A\ and C:\B, both mirc.ini and others settings file required for mIRC to work will be put in the Appdata folder.
There are severals ways to get different profiles, with different scripts and different settings.
You can use the mirc.ini method I mentioned above (which is what Froggie is talking about), but this means you have one mirc.exe per profile, which might not be desired.
The other method is to use a shortcut with the -r command line switch, to indicate mIRC what is the settings folder you want to use, this method is explained very clearly here: http://en.wikichip.org/wiki/mirc/virtual_profile

Your suggestion doesn't make sense, you can't indicate in mirc.ini what folder to use because mirc.ini would be contained in that folder, mIRC needs to know the folder before loading mirc.ini.
Posted By: Coherencia

Re: Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install - 09/11/15 10:21 PM

I no use the program files folder, and I use a Windows 7, and I no understand why not exist an option in mIRC.ini and in the GUI or the command line for change the location of the remote.ini, vars.ini, etcetera.

Add this option, please, make mIRC more easy and useable smile.
Posted By: argv0

Re: Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install - 10/11/15 12:53 AM

This is only a problem when you are upgrading from old scripts, so given that this is specifically a problem with legacy code, I'm not sure what the point would be to change the way this stuff works for new versions.

The general idea is that you should no longer need multiple mirc.exe installations to run different instances of scripts. If you are doing this, you are trying to use a legacy concept with a new mIRC. It's not surprising that an old convention will break down with the new version. Use the following conventions and you should be fine:

1. You SHOULD install mIRC to its default location inside your Program Files directory.
2. You should only have one mirc.exe on your system. Do NOT install mIRC to multiple places. This is no longer necessary.
3. Put each script in separate directories, and create separate shortcuts to launch your standard mIRC executable (C:\Program Files (x86)\mIRC\mirc.exe) with custom arguments for each dir.

Specifically to point 3, you can run mIRC with the -r switch. This is what the Target part of your shortcut should look like:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\mIRC\mirc.exe" "-rC:\Users\myuser\Documents\MyScript1"

Note the "-r" part before the path. Each shortcut would point to a different path.

Now you have two shortcuts that run mIRC in two different contexts without needing two executables. Each shortcut will run mIRC with separate settings and separate scripts. If an mirc.ini file is not yet created in this path, it will be created for you.

If you *REALLY* want to have two executables, you can do the same thing and just make two shortcuts to different exe files, but again, this is not necessary.
Posted By: Coherencia

Re: Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install - 11/11/15 02:12 PM

Ok, thanks for the information of support and for the support smile. I have another idea for mIRC related to this thing:

Why no add a option in the command line inside of mIRC to open a new server in the same window of mirc loading one or various scripts in this new window inside of mIRC, for example:

Status: /server -m -lsrs C:\Script1.ini,C:\Script2.ini,C:\Script3.ini, irc.chathispano.com

-ls is the same what /load and the translation is "load script".

Or a command for load a new server window loading a directory with the default scripts of mIRC (remote.ini, vars.ini, etcetera), for example:

/server -m -lns C:\NEWSCRIPTS irc.chathispano.com

The translation of -lns is "load new scripts", and use and load a new information of the basic scripts of mIRC ignoring the old files of scripts, all in the new server window.

Thanks, I only try to help you and help me.
Posted By: argv0

Re: Remote.ini and Vars.ini in a independient install - 13/11/15 09:07 PM

Scripts in mIRC are global to the entire process, so it's not possible to load a script just for a single server. That said, it's actually a pretty good idea, and would definitely solve the common problem of running per-network scripts on a single client (instead of running multiple clients), but it would probably require a fairly big overhaul to mIRC's scripting engine architecture.

The current workaround to this is to scope the scripts themselves to a given network. Basically, instead of:

on *:TEXT:!help:#mychan: {
  msg # Help is here!

You do this:

on *:TEXT:!help:#mychan: {
  if ($network == MyNetwork) msg # Help is here!

Of course depending on the complexity of the script that may not be feasible.
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