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Nick Reading

Posted By: CoRrUpT

Nick Reading - 23/12/02 07:13 PM

it might be an old issue but why cant you have movable nick columns, we all know how long nicks can be and I've said a few things to ppl "i was drunk at the time" that I should'nt have been saying so cmon mirc, help me out, I know you may have to set it locked on 800 x 600 rez but for anything above that you need to be able to mess with the windows, inclusive of multi line text, any long msg you put can be messed up whil;st writing especially if your like me and dont even look at the screen whilst typing, dont worry about me thinking of something else to make mirc a better place to be because I will
Posted By: Poppy

Re: Nick Reading - 23/12/02 07:54 PM

Are you drunk now? That didn't make a word of sense to me! :tongue:
Posted By: codemastr

Re: Nick Reading - 23/12/02 10:38 PM

Umm I can honestly say I didn't understand even a single word of what you wrote...
Posted By: Hammer

Re: Nick Reading - 24/12/02 02:14 AM

The nicklist is resizeable .. click on the left side of the nicklist and drag it where you like. If you go into Alt+- (Alt Minus - the control menu for that window) -> Nick list...you can choose between Left, Right, Off or Default. (If this is what you had in mind; I couldn't make out exactly what you meant, either.)
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