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Splay while writing file

Posted By: Adler

Splay while writing file - 24/05/03 03:47 PM

Allow /splay on file during is wirting

I have scripted an Streamplayer for mirc, today i must be all 300 kb queue play with little breaks.
Its will be nice, if i could splay file during writing

Or an additional option for this


I could use it, but than
* /bwrite: unable to open
Posted By: aarrgghh

Re: Splay while writing file - 27/05/03 05:50 AM

Why don't you just use Winamp ?

hmm... ok anyways...
You chould try using more then one file ... like BUFFER some bytes into one ...
then start buffering it to another, and start playing the first ... and so on ...


Also then it's the fact of the INFO bits ... I mean the TICKs and TOCKs you hear ...
Posted By: Adler

Re: Splay while writing file - 27/05/03 12:07 PM

i use more than one file, but there a little breaks than
(/splay -q)
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