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Log idea

Posted By: codemastr

Log idea - 23/12/02 04:19 PM

At the begining of a log session (if the session is a #channel) what about including a /names? So that way if you are looking through your logs trying to figure out where/when you saw someone you can find out what channel they were on. Right now you only get to see msgs/parts/join/etc so you don't know if someone was there if they were there when you got there and never said anything.
Posted By: ZnoRK

Re: Log idea - 23/12/02 07:04 PM

Theres no real need for this feature to be added to mIRC since it can be easily scripted
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Log idea - 23/12/02 09:10 PM

It's not particularly 'easy' to do, you'd have to either echo the /names reply to the channel window - which would be ugly, or write it to the logfile yourself - which wouldn't work if you have the 'Lock logfile' option on (which is on by default I believe). Besides, the entire logging sytem could be scripted if someone wanted to, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be built into the program.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: Log idea - 23/12/02 10:34 PM

Here is a suggestion (for everyone here) instead of saying "this can be scripted so don't add it", actually show the script. Because I'd really like to see you script this in a way that 100% works. As starbucks_mafia said, it's not as easy as you make it sound, where as for Khaled to do it, it would be much easier since all he has to do is make it print an additional line when a session starts.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Log idea - 24/12/02 12:23 PM

If the excuse of "it can be scripted" was always used then mIRC would have a GUI like Bitch X and about the same level of user-friendlyness. I'd like to see /names get considered too, it's a good idea.

I'll agree with what codemastr said about this too, if you find fault with someone's suggestion put the script here that you know to work or remain silent, alot of posts here are just wasteful "this sucks" type of comments without any real reason from the posters as to why the idea isn't liked.

In addition, as most will know, scripting is not as fast as mIRC itself, infact nowhere near as fast, if the /names function was built-in to mIRC it would run seamlessly and reliably and not hold things up. mIRC already receives the /names raw info when entering a room so logging it shouldn't be too much hard yakka.
Posted By: Gon_

Re: Log idea - 24/12/02 03:40 PM

I think this is a good idea.
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