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Notify and Network

Posted By: HorseC

Notify and Network - 21/11/13 05:56 PM

I think (could be wrong), that you can not add the same nickname twice for different networks. It would be nice if we could, since the same nick could be used by different people on two networks, and one might want to be able to distinguish the difference in the two, and then in some way, in an on notify, display function show the notes associated with the nick to know which one it is. (to sort of jog memory on the nick)
(Hope someone knows what I am trying to suggest/say)

Posted By: Deega

Re: Notify and Network - 02/12/13 11:15 PM

Well, that suggestion has merit.

At the moment you can't add the same nick twice, as you said, but you can add multiple networks to a notify entry.

So, if you use the NOTE to add descriptions like this (I used $chr(1) here)
Efnet This is Alice from Wonderland  Dalnet This is Bilbo Baggins [ more ...]
you could display the relevant section from an on notify event.

on ^*:notify:{
  if $numtok($notify($nick).network,44) > 1 && $wildtok($notify($nick).note,* $+ $network $+ *,1,1) {
    var %a = $v1
    echo -stmc notify * $nick is on IRC $iif($notify($nick).addr,$+([,$v1,])) ( $+ %a $+ )

Posted By: HorseC

Re: Notify and Network - 04/12/13 09:55 AM

great idea! but rather than echo, I used a $tip, sometimes im on several networks at once, using the tip makes is so I spot the info now matter which network I am looking at at the time of the connect by a user on my notify list.
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