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Posted By: NewtLives Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 03:40 AM
I think it would be great if you could customize the toolbar in the new mIRC version - add buttons as shortcuts to any menu item. Both the user and scripts should be able to add/remove buttons from toolbar.
Posted By: codemastr Re: Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 03:43 AM
Well I agree, but just as a side note, there are numerous dlls available that allow you to do this.
Posted By: trenzterra Re: Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 06:33 AM
Yes, but its not convenient. if mirc could do this, it would be very flexible.
Posted By: _D3m0n_ Re: Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 06:56 AM
how can a dll not be conveiniant?? because u dont understand the format to doing it? ...... if thats all that prevents u then i hardly see how mirc implementing it would help u any ...... it wouldnt make it any simpler to do. u would still have to learn the correct commands to actually do it
Posted By: neophyte Re: Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 07:17 AM
Yes, but the problem with using DLL's to hack the toolbar, is that it isn't a proper mIRC script "function".

I personally refuse to use a DLL that changes the way my mIRC UI looks, because more often than not, the developer has thrown it together in some hacked up manner, and it will more or less not do what I want it to do.

I recall asking for a similar sort of thing in a thread of mine earlier, however, I wanted to be able to do something similar to this screenshot (which I actually hand edited, I didn't use an dll's or any mIRC script, it was pure photoshop)


If future versions of mIRC implemented something like this, it would be damn terrific.
Posted By: _D3m0n_ Re: Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 07:38 AM
that can be done with several different dlls ..... and u dont know till u try them ..... ive never downloaded and used a dll that didnt do exactly as it said .. only because i read up on em and make sure i download from only the developers site ... most ppl who create release versions of something dont want to release it to have found a terrible error ... it just makes them look like a jerk and no one would ever trust thier content again ..... atleast thats been my experiance ...... with that said ..... having something as complex to setup different formats of toolbars is somethign that should be handled by dll ..... simply because of the fact mirc itself cannot end up supporting every single idea someone comes up with ...... now what u may find as an attractive toolbar i may find horrid (im not saying thats so in this case but i think u get the idea ) its just simply easier to handle this in a dll as only a handful of ppl use this such feature anyhow ..... not to mention ..... if mirc were not meant to be modified using dll .. then i dont think khaled would even have support for its functions..... technically in a long round about way there is toolbar modification support already integrated into mirc ..... u just dont like the way there is to do it .....
Posted By: Watchdog Re: Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 08:47 AM
What are the last 7 numbers on your timestamp?
Posted By: KingTomato Re: Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 09:26 AM
Loks to me like [TIME]:[IP:PORT] confused
Posted By: Raccoon Re: Customize Toolbar - 11/05/03 10:08 AM
Actually, they look like [day:month:year:]|[:hour:minute:second:monthsec:minsec]

Not sure wtf 'monthsec' [ms] and 'minsec' [ns] are for, but thats the best I can tell. But as I'm writing this, it was probably an attempt at miliseconds and nanoseconds that looked cool, so he kept it. crazy

- Raccoon
Posted By: neophyte Re: Customize Toolbar - 12/05/03 02:08 AM

oh just some random numbers.

i've stopped using that timestamp.

i now just use [dd:mm:yyyy:|:hh:nn:ss]

But the point about dll's is that you never know if they are malicious in intent, or are not. sure, i have no idea what Khaled could put into mIRC, but it is a piece of software i'd trust before i trust a 3rd part dll that mucks around with the UI.

and as an aside, the original post which i discussed that toolbar, actually asked for it to be made an option, and not as a replacement/default for mIRC.
Posted By: Watchdog Re: Customize Toolbar - 12/05/03 02:43 AM
Damn, I was hoping they were milliseconds and was going to ask how you managed to do it. Never mind though, that can wait for another day hehe.
Posted By: _D3m0n_ Re: Customize Toolbar - 12/05/03 04:43 AM
ktools dll is a very well known dll and it has that ability last i checked ... and along with quite a few other well known dlls that perform this same function ..... i think again most ppl wouldnt want to be known as making and distributing a malicious dll ... that would ruin their credibility .... i for one wouldnt ever release something having a backdoor or anything like that in it for anyone ...... i of course just use that as my general rule of thumb .... download ONLY from the creators website
Posted By: neophyte Re: Customize Toolbar - 12/05/03 07:10 AM
I'm not saying that the author of any DLL has done that, and nor am I attacking their credibility, but each to their own, and my own would rather not use something that he can't trust.

And I don't trust most DLL's for mIRC.
Posted By: SaX0n Re: Customize Toolbar - 12/05/03 09:21 AM
Right so we don't need any 32-bit controls added to mIRC, because MDX already does them... And the same for a lot of feature requests.. Why bloat mIRC with them when you can hack together a half-soaked version by combing half a dozen DLL's?
Posted By: neophyte Re: Customize Toolbar - 12/05/03 12:14 PM
Why bloat mIRC with a half a dozen dll's when it can be coded directly into mirc?

I don't think it's much of an issue to open up the ability to create our own toolbars, he already has code running to make toolbars, so why not do it?

Mind you, I'm not exactly a software developer, so I don't completely comprehend it, but if he can already create toolbars, why not allow us to make our own custom ones with a proper mIRC method, rather than using some third party DLL? At least then, the documentation would be easier to understand.
Posted By: SaX0n Re: Customize Toolbar - 12/05/03 01:26 PM
I was being sarcastic, actually I agree with you. There are no toolbar DLL's at all. You have to use a combination of DLL's which is far from easy. I've never seen a toolbar made with MDX.dll and Tbwin.dll (And SendKeys.dll) that is as good as the IE or OE toolbars. Although granted, some are pretty good, this kind of scripting falls into the advanced category, And as i'ts a central part of the mIRC interface, i think it would be better as a mIRC feature, than as a mIRC script.
Posted By: neophyte Re: Customize Toolbar - 13/05/03 06:23 AM
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