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Posted By: netgert Improved help file - 09/05/03 12:36 PM

I would suggest to make an improved help file where clicking on a keyword will jump to that keyword in the page. Much better than scrolling down to find it, don't you think? This can be done easily. For questions how to make it contact me by sending me an e-mail to netgert@hot.ee
I would also appreciate if the people that made the help file would send me the .rtf file (or whatever you were using) t0 make the changes and send the changed one back. Also, e-mail me.

I think this would make scripters happy, if they have forgotten something and can find it easily, without scrolling the whole page.
Posted By: theRat Re: Improved help file - 09/05/03 12:49 PM
Some1 made a .chm(?!) version of the help file while back... But I'm too tired to use search function, and I think it was before the boards got reseted.
Posted By: c0ldfusi0n Re: Improved help file - 09/05/03 04:34 PM
I personnally thing miRC help file is one of the best i've seen.
Posted By: SaX0n Re: Improved help file - 09/05/03 04:57 PM
Yeah, it would be nice to have the requested feature though. I'm sure I remember reading an old post (by starbucks?) on the old board, that said it IS possble to do this with .hlp files not just .chm. I personally don't like .CHM, dont ask me why.
Posted By: netgert Re: Improved help file - 12/05/03 11:38 AM
I wrote this topic some time ago on the old forum, but it got lost. I also prefer .hlp files than .chm
Posted By: codemastr Re: Improved help file - 12/05/03 06:29 PM
Why don't you like .chm? Because they are faster? Because they are more feature rich? There really is no downside to a chm.
Posted By: qwerty Re: Improved help file - 12/05/03 07:06 PM
.chm's are faster than .hlp's? You must have a very strange perception of speed. The only reason I wouldn't like mirc to turn to .chm is exactly this, the speed. Even in a modern computer with a modern hdd the difference is noticeable imo.
Posted By: codemastr Re: Improved help file - 12/05/03 07:30 PM
Iif your only reasoning is speed, then I'd say mIRC isn't for you. Please tell me how mIRC is the fastest IRC client available? You think all the code that allows mIRC to support scripting, multi-server, advanced GUI interface, mp3 players, timers, socket scripts, fserv, etc, etc makes mIRC fast? If you compare mIRC to just about every other IRC client available, it is probably one of the slowest. Need I remind you how slow mIRC runs if someone floods a channel with control codes? So why do people keep using it if it is slow? Because of the features. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm willing to sacrifice a few seconds of CPU time in order to give me hundreds of extra features. So as I said, if speed is your only concern, then mIRC really isn't for you. There are plenty of clients out there that are faster than mIRC. They accomplish this by not supporting as many features.

So the same holds true with the help file. It would be great if the "non-scripting" section of the help file had images. For example, when you are looking for help on how to get ident working, it shows you pictures of exactly what settings you must set, thats much more helpful than providing just text. The "scripting-section" could be loaded with tons of examples, and features that allow you to use javascript to only display the samples if you want to. Chm is much more suited for searching than an hlp file is. A Chm doesn't require rebuilding the search list each time (where as hlp does, making it slower). Again, I'd rather sacrifice a few seconds in speed in order to have a helpfile that is more helpful.
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