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nicklist hwnd

Posted By: extremity

nicklist hwnd - 08/02/11 12:58 AM

The idea is mainly for my themes. It would be really helpful if you could grab the .hwnd of the nicklist. Perhaps a $window(-4).hwnd.

Or another way to get around my battle with the nicklist menu is make a command to popup menus on command.

Just a thought. Any takers?

Posted By: FroggieDaFrog

Re: nicklist hwnd - 08/02/11 04:04 AM

Have u looked into the Nicklist menu and the identifier $submenu

menu Nicklist {
alias heyyou {
  if ($1 == being) { return }
  if ($1 == 1) { return this:echo -a do that }
  if ($1 == 2) { return that:echo -a do this }
  if ($1 == end) { return }
Posted By: argv0

Re: nicklist hwnd - 08/02/11 06:07 AM

What exactly would the hwnd of the nicklist get you? There aren't [m]any mIRC commands that operate on hwnds, so accessing hwnds is pretty much a concern for dlls only. If your question is, "how do I get <insert DLL here> to use my nicklist", that sounds like something you should request with the authors of that DLL.

FWIW, a DLL can get the nicklist's window handle by enumerating the parent channel window, so giving it $window(#).hwnd should be enough information to get what you need.
Posted By: extremity

Re: nicklist hwnd - 08/02/11 07:46 AM

TY for the reply. I did state the feature request is for theming. Several DLLs could use this hWnd. (or as I said the ability to popup the menu manually)

mIRC is also generous enough to provide you hWnds to the parent and other windows. So that is why I am suggesting that if I have this much information, the amount of depth spent on providing one more hWnd could benefit myself and others.
Posted By: argv0

Re: nicklist hwnd - 08/02/11 08:00 AM

But the HWND of a nicklist can be easily inferred from the HWND of the parent, which is already available. DLLs already *have* this HWND (or can have it), they're just not exposing it.

I'm not convinced by the argument that because one HWND is available, we should just throw them all in. This leads to bloat in the language. The HWND of the parent window is given because there is no other way to reliably access this value other than querying mIRC for the value, and therefore this is the only way to communicate this information to a DLL. The nicklist, however, can be reliably retrieved by a dll, given the parent HWND, and is NOT needed to be sent over by a script.
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