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wont reconnect on kills

Posted By: FaiNT

wont reconnect on kills - 03/08/10 04:49 PM

To start off: Yes i know this functionality is purposeful, the bug is that one aspect of mirc is clashing with an option, and should be added as another option.

When a user enables the reconnect on disconnect option. the requested action doesn't seem to be taken on ERROR msgs, more so it seems to not happen when the word kill or killed is in said error msg.

This seems kinda pointless, mirc's job isn't to protect opers, or make our lifes easier (i'm network founder of a private irc network with 300 or so users), whats the point of making a reconnect option when, for some of mirc's users, 50% of disconnects is from a kill, most of them not even being a serious /kill.

Sure you could go on and on about oper abuse and what not, but that's not mirc's place(mirc as a forum, and as an application) to judge how one runs their network, nor is its good programming to include a option to do something such as reconnect on disconnect, then decide to add ifs, ands, or, buts, to said option... kills are disconnects, end of story, reconnect on them.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 03/08/10 04:55 PM

I agree with this. If you can rejoin a channel when kicked, why can you not reconnect to a server when killed?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 03/08/10 11:49 PM

Originally Posted By: FaiNT
(i'm network founder of a private irc network with 300 or so users), whats the point of making a reconnect option when, for some of mirc's users, 50% of disconnects is from a kill, most of them not even being a serious /kill.

Remind me never to visit that network. Using /kill so much that a user is disconnected half the time for that reason is rather ridiculous. mIRC isn't meant to cater to that kind of abuse.

The answer to why it doesn't reconnect is simple. If a user is "killed" then in almost all cases (apparently not on your network), the ircops don't want them there. If the user keeps reconnecting when killed, they are going to find themselves banned... possibly permanently. It makes sense.

Besides, for the 0.00001% of users who absolutely want to reconnect when killed, it's a very easy thing to script.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 04/08/10 12:21 AM

Well then if a user is kicked then obviously they're not wanted on that channel, but there is the option to rejoin on kick.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 04/08/10 01:31 AM

This has been discussed before - this feature was added many years ago because network administrators from some of the largest IRC networks requested it - there are no plans to change it at this time.
Posted By: argv0

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 04/08/10 03:46 AM

Actually, mIRC, as a client of the IRC protocol, has the obligation of being a "responsible client" of said protocol. That means it should in fact be attempting to protect opers by protecting the networks they administrate. Practically speaking that means doing the minimum to ensure that the client does not hog network resources or otherwise flood the servers, either intentionally or unintentionally. Reconnecting on kill hogs network bandwidth. As Khaled pointed out, server implementors didn't like this behaviour and obviously were being burdened by the reconnections, so mIRC as a responsible client disabled the functionality. IRC would be a bad place if the clients didn't care about network outages and stealing server bandwidth. Servers would have to compensate by throttling connections, reducing support or shutting down service altogether, which is something we don't want. Making the people who make IRC possible happy is a good thing.

Finally, I refute your claim about "50% of disconnects is [sic] from a kill". Maybe on your network that is the case, and if so, perhaps you should be rethinking your priorities as a network administrator and focus on keeping your network active rather than /kill'ing your users for your own amusement. And yes, I did notice that you qualified the statistic with "for some of mIRC's users", but that "some" should be less than 1% of your *legitimate* users, so you're basically making a non-statement either way.

But in any case: you *have* the option since you can script it. That seems sufficient to me.
Posted By: Knoeki

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 05/08/10 01:53 AM

Well, I don't know. Nearly every time I get killed from a server, it happens some seconds after connecting, because I don't live in the same country as the server is in. When reconnecting everything is fine, of course, because I tend to connect to a random server... It's quite annoying to come back to my computer and see myself disconnected from somewhere because of this.

So yes, in a way I understand the problem, but I second argv0. Scripting a way around this isn't hard if you really want to.
Posted By: argv0

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 05/08/10 06:15 AM

Your specific scenario has a very subtle difference that makes it a little more understandable as to why a user might be frustrated. The difference being that you're using a round-robin server which is sending you off to a random server, one that might /kill you.

Consider this: if you were directly connecting to said server that /killed you and you kept getting killed, you would not want mIRC to keep retrying... or rather, the network admins would not want the IRC client continually retrying. They also don't want to /gline you, because their /kill's might not be based on hostmasks (but rather some kind of more complex geoip lookup). This puts them in a position where they have clients flooding their networks but cannot permanently remove them. And as you said, this usually happens when you leave the computer for a few hours and come back to see you've been hammering the server every few seconds, which is the sort of flood they don't want.

In the above scenario it makes perfect sense for mIRC to halt connections after a /kill so that network admins don't have to deal with such connections. In your specific scenario, though, the round-robin server makes it so you might get a bad server, once, but the next time you probably will not, so it's okay to continually reconnect. Unfortunately, mIRC has no way of differentiating these two scenarios, and since the first one is more serious, mIRC plays it safe.

I think your example brings to light exactly why opers want this behaviour in the first place, so thanks for bringing it up.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 05/08/10 01:33 PM

In your situation, if you were to use a specific server's IP address to connect, would it still round robin you? That might solve your problem very easily without even using a script. Or, you might look at how the server is set up in servers.ini and maybe you have the ability to remove the offending server. It will all depend on how the server handles connections, of course.
Posted By: Knoeki

Re: wont reconnect on kills - 06/08/10 03:10 PM

I know I could re-connect to a specific server, but knowing that servers go down, get removed, replaced, renamed and whatnot, I prefer to just connect to the 'random' server of a network (mostly irc.networkname.tld).

I'm probably going to write a script that will, on a kill, wait one minute, reconnect. Repeat 3 times. If the 3rd try still results in a kill, don't bother reconnecting.

Shouldn't be too hard ;_)
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