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another mIRC 7.x request

Posted By: deVilbaT

another mIRC 7.x request - 29/05/10 08:33 PM

A few words to the mIRC author and scriptwriters.

DLL files get f**ked up with every new mIRC (still beta) realization. People do not have time to learn new DLL files' commends. I would suggest to introduce in mIRC options similar to MDX.dll or DCX.dll , for instance TreeView, ListView (icons, colums, etc.), StatusBar or ProgressBar.

I think that after introducing the following suggestions, mIRC would look much more interesting and it would be less complicated as far as writing a script is concerned.

What's more, mIRC could be much more popular if there were no more problems with DLL files (as far as scriptwriters are concerned).

But of course this is only my humble suggestion.

Thanks for any post reply concerning the topic: here

Any inadequate post reply for this topic will be deleted?


P.S. I'm flooded, and I can't get out of here! Are there any Poles?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: another mIRC 7.x request - 29/05/10 08:44 PM

I think everything about that was covered in your original post. None of what you requested is going to be in the upcoming mIRC release.

As far as needing to learn how to use the DLLs, they are very easy to use. I've used both MDX and DCX. It doesn't take much time to learn the commands. You already did with MDX. It was your choice to use that instead of the more updated DCX. Anytime you choose to use something someone else made, you risk it not working whenever mIRC is updated (this includes normal scripts and not just DLLs).

Adding the features from DCX to mIRC is a large undertaking as DCX has a LOT of features that mIRC doesn't have and just because YOU only use a few of them, that doesn't mean mIRC should only add those ones.

And considering you're upset because you used MDX and don't want to learn DCX, let me just say that converting a script from MDX to DCX isn't really that much work.

And, for everyone, MDX does work fine in mIRC 7. It's just certain features may not work. I have a weather display script that I made long ago in MDX before I found out about DCX and it works just fine.
Posted By: Excalibur

Re: another mIRC 7.x request - 29/05/10 08:47 PM

When you cook a meal, you adjust the amount of salt that fits it, when you write a program, you write it according to the platform it's meant to work on, and when you write DLL for mIRC, you need to write it the way it works with mIRC, not the opposite.

mIRC is a unicode application now, it wasn't in the past. DLL creators didn't put that into consideration when they created their DLL's.

If you're unhappy that a DLL is broken, write your own stuff.

Moreover, it has been requested since FOREVER that mIRC should have a statusbar, treeview etc... Khaled didn't add them for a reason, don't you think? Maybe he's focusing on more important stuff other than adding a feature an existing DLL already ads.
Posted By: argv0

Re: another mIRC 7.x request - 29/05/10 09:08 PM

DLLs exist to add support for things that mIRC does not. Dialog improvements have been suggested before at least a few times, and I'm sure they're somewhere on Khaled's list, but realize that mIRC is an IRC CLIENT, not a GUI development environment. Currently, Khaled has his hands full implementing features pertaining to the functioning of mIRC as an IRC client, so it's best to leave this extra functionality to third party scripts and DLLs until he has more time.

Also, as pointed out, many of the features provided by dlls like DCX are very specific to very few use cases. A benefit of allowing third party DLLs like DCX to exist is that they can focus on functionality that might not be needed by everyone, whereas Khaled must invest his time wisely into getting the most "bang for his buck", basically. There will always be a place for DLLs like DCX, and such DLLs will most likely always be ahead of mIRC in terms of functionality because of this fact.
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