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Posted By: drei

highlight - 20/12/02 10:37 AM

i think there should be an /highlight on/off in the next version..

Posted By: wyx

Re: highlight - 20/12/02 01:38 PM

hmmmm good idea's
Posted By: theRat

Re: highlight - 20/12/02 02:09 PM

/highlight should also be able to add/remove/edit items in highlight list, as we already have $highlight
Posted By: drei

Re: highlight - 20/12/02 05:10 PM

hey!.. also, be able to turn sound on/off with highlight..

eg, if your watching a movie, and you dont want anyone to disturb you.. you should be able to turn off the sound, and still get highlights too see later on!...
Posted By: MonoSex

Re: highlight - 20/12/02 05:24 PM

If you dont want anyone to disturb you, use /quit wink
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